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Clutter… Why are you keeping it?

We all struggle at one point or another with feeling like our home isn’t organized and most of the time that is due to the clutter that we collect over time. 

I believe that some of the things you are keeping (and anyone else you live with) are not even that valuable to you. 

What’s the reason we keep so much stuff?

We often find it’s much easier to make up reasons/excuses as to why you should keep those items, but in reality you are just delaying making a decision about saying goodbye to it. 

A lot of the time we create emotional attachments with objects and yes memories are important but our memories are not objects or clutter. 

You don’t have to get rid of everything but try removing a few items at a time. Keep the special items and put them on display where you can actually enjoy them.

Most of the time when something takes a lot of mental work to decide if you should keep it or not, the chances are it’s not really important to you and you won’t miss it if you remove it from your house. 

The people that fill our home, the friends, the family and the guests are the ones who truly make your home special. Not the objects. 

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