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How To Have Power Over Self-Doubt

We all doubt ourselves and our abilities at some point or another. This can happen when we are looking to apply for a job and its description sounds intimidating to you, so you then start to doubt your abilities and whether you should even apply. Some of us may even doubt ourselves when we hear about a friend’s accomplishment. You want to be happy when you hear their news but all you can think about is your self-doubt.

As soon as you feel self-doubt creeping in, you need to find a way to stop it because if we keep allowing that to grow, we will eventually inhibit the way we live our life. We all want to live a happy life without doubt. Our goal is to be confident in ourselves and our progress.

Turn this…

Into this with these few tips.

  • We need to allow ourselves to realize that everyone is on their own journey in life and accomplish goals at different phases.
  • We need to stop making decisions based on what other people will think. Ex. I need a high up job or an impressive job so people will respect me.
    If I buy these expensive clothes people will think I am cool. When they might not even notice that you got new clothes. If you are going to buy new clothing, buy them for you. Questions to ask yourself; does it make me feel good? Do I feel confident in it? Is it comfy and flattering for my body? Etc.
  • If you have people in your life who support and encourage you, nurture and grow those relationships. They are important. They will help pick you back up if you fall or fail. They will help us through our times of doubt. Our supporters in life will help us gain confidence.
  • Create a gratitude journal. Go to the store and pick out your favorite journal. Set a time each day to write down what you are grateful for at that time. It doesn’t need to be elaborate; it can just be one to two things. Eventually you will feel a shift in your mindset. You will slowly stop focusing on what you don’t have/what you think you need in your life. Give your energy and thoughts to what you do have and your accomplishments. When you think positively, you will most likely feel happy.
  • Put sticky notes up on your bathroom or bedroom mirror. Write positive sayings on them like; I love you, you are smart, you are strong, you are loved, you are good enough or your favorite positive quotes.
  • When you start to be kind and show compassion to yourself, appreciate yourself and honor your accomplishments, you will feel a shift in your life for the better.